What’s in our App Profile Page?

On the Profile page of our App you’ll find all your personal information and settings and the basic information of the App.

On the top of the page you have your picture on the left, your email displayed and, right below, a clickable “Edit profile”. When clicking on it, you’ll have access to:

  • Your editable Full name.
  • The App UID.
  • Your editable Gender.

  • Your editable Height.
  • Your editable Weight.
  • Your editable Birthday.

Going back to the main Profile page, you’ll have access to:

  • Goal setting: Set your Steps and Weight goals, and your device will reward you with a badge every time you reach them.
  • Guide: A portable user guide library for all Devices.
  • Help: Access immediate Q&A help.
  • Link: External Apps our App can connect to. The type of Apps varies if you are an Android user or an iOS user. 
  • My Subscription: You can check the status of your subscription.
  • VSC: you can keep count of your Rewards, Last day Blocks and Last day Rewards.

In Setting you will find:

  • Unit of measurement: Change between Metric and Imperial by just clicking on it.
  • About: Basic information about the App.
  • DFU Helper: This enables you to upgrade your watch firmware in case you are unable to do it from the Device page. 
  • Account deletion: Delete your account and all related data.
  • At the bottom of the page is located the “Sign out” button, to log out from the App.
Please note: due to local regulations, some App Health Functions may be unavailable for countries such as Taiwan and Japan.

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