What happens if I click on “Account deletion”/“Log off” on the App?

By choosing to go through the “ Account deletion ” (“ Log off ” for iOS) process available in the App setting, all the Wallets and App profiles will be deactivated and all the data related to your account, App and device will be cleared.

The process to perform if you wish to deactivate your Account with this option is the following:

1. Log into your App.

2. Go in the Profile page and click on Setting . Here you will find the “ Account deletion ” (“ Log off ” for iOS) option. Click on it.

3. An alert will inform you of the irreversibility of the operation. If you wish to continue, click on “ CONFIRM ”.

4. You will be required to type in your password to go on with the operation, then click on “ OK ”.

5. A last alert will inform you of all the data you are going to clear. If you are sure about it, check “ I know the consequences of this operation and confirm that is my own operation ”, then, click on “ OK ” to complete the operation.

Please note: signing up again in the App with the same credentials as the account you deleted will not reactivate the old account and the related data.
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