NutraLife AI

Harnessing artificial intelligence and  in-home urine testing for real-time, 

personalized wellness awareness and support.

With BioStripTM from NutraLife AITM and our AI-powered app, you’ll enjoy a deeper understanding of how your wellness changes and how fine-tuning your health routine can build on your weekly achievements.

NutraLifeAI app version: 1.1.0(81)

NutraLife App

Embrace a life of real-time, personalized wellness awareness and support. That’s NutraLife AI!


With NutraLife AI and BioStrips, you can stop guessing if your behaviors have a positive impact on your health. 

NutraLife AI Program (NAP)

Enable this profound change in how we think about wellness by sharing your biodata
to help train our AI.

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