What is the Sleep Analysis feature, and what can I do with it?

By wearing your LifeWatch while you sleep, the device will automatically collect all the data it needs from the moment you fall asleep based on your heart rate, blood pressure, and motion sensors and sends everything to the app, which will elaborate all the results for you to check when you wake up in the morning, just by opening the Data page. There, you’ll have a detailed overview of your last night’s sleep trend.

The data your LifeWatch gathers provides information on the time you spend in various stages of sleep, such as light sleepdeep sleep, and waking stages, as well as providing you with further insight into your sleep quality and ways to improve it.

You can also evaluate your own sleep add details that may have caused a bad bedtime experience, such as coffee consumption, working late, or if you have slept in your own bed or not.

An additional final analysis will try to find out causes and improvements in case you had a poor sleep experience. On the opposite scenario, the app will reward you with a Good sleep badge for your healthy habit.

Based on your heart rate, blood pressure and motion, BioSenseWatch Generation 2 and Watch Lite SE will determine your sleep mode even more precisely. Our innovative devices are now also able to monitor your REM time and Sleep apnea, when combined with the 24h monitoring feature.

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