How can I do a replacement request of my device?

If your Helo device is still under the warranty period, Helo will replace it, subject to the conditions below, at no additional charge.

To be eligible for the Limited Warranty, you must:

  1. Have an active Account, with no outstanding balance or any unpaid fees;

  2. Be the original owner of the Helo device, meaning that you personally purchased the Helo device that needs repairs or replacement through your Account;

  3. Return the Helo device, within the applicable warranty period, in accordance with the procedures set forth below.

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  1. Non-Helo Devices or counterfeit products;

  2. Lost or stolen Helo Devices;

  3. Damage or failure through misuse or malfunction, normal wear and tear, improper or negligent use, improper or abnormal use, or any use contrary to instructions provided by Helo;

  4. Damage or failure due to accident, acts of God, unauthorized commercial use, abuse, neglect, theft, unusual atmospheric conditions;

  5. Cosmetic damage;

  6. Any unauthorized modification to the product;

  7. Attempted repair by unauthorized persons or with any parts not originally intended for or compatible with the Helo Devices; or any alteration of the factory model name and/or serial number.


To submit a warranty replacement request, contact our Customer Service Team providing the order number within 1 year (or 2 years for European Countries).

If approved you will receive a confirmation via ticket with the new delivery reference. Then, a notification email will be sent with the tracking number reference.

Please Note: 
If you need to ask for many orders replacement/refund, you’ll have to submit a different request for each order.

To learn more

  • You can read more about the conditions of our warranty policy on our website.
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