What are the benefits of participating in a NutraLife AI Program (NAP)?

There are a whole lot of benefits to successfully completing a NAP, including: 

  • You get priority early access to purchase NutraMatic. 
    NAP 1 participants will get access before NAP 2 participants, who will get access before NAP 3 participants, and so forth. All successful NAP participants will get the option to purchase NutraMatic months before it goes on general release. 
    This means that you will get your NutraMatic months before non-NAP participants so you can display it and share on social media ahead of everyone else! 
  • Most importantly, you will be one of the few people in the world who will enjoy the full NutraLife AI platform. Changes in your health and wellness from your NutraMatic’s AI optimized supplements and following our ChatGPT delivered personalized wellness advice will be visible and quantified on your app and you will be able to share your amazing results with your family and friends! 
  • You are eligible for the discounted NAP participant NutraMatic price.
  • Your data will be used to train NutraLife AI’s knowledge domain so your NutraMatic will specifically optimize its supplement combination with you in mind, because its AI engine was trained on your data!
  • While you are waiting for your NutraMatic, you will get early access to the continuously upgraded ChatGPT delivered wellness feedback based on your data.
When does the next NAP commence?