What do the three (3) icons indicate when swiping up on the LifeWatch Generation 2 screen?

When you slide the Watch’s Home Screen up, a set of three (3) icons will display on the screen’s bottom. A Battery icon, a Torch (flashlight) icon and a Moon icon, along with the weather temperature in the center and the messages icon on the screen’s upper right corner.


The Moon icon is to conveniently activate No Disturb function. To deactivate the function, you can simply slide the Watch Screen up again and select the moon. Alternatively, you can do so from the Watch settings as well.


The Torch (flashlight) icon, when selected, will turn the device screen white to work as an actual torch.


The Battery icon indicates Energy Saver mode. When activated, all health functions are deactivated, and the Watch works only to display the time.

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